Preserving Kale

Kale is a wonderfully nutritious food. I feel virtuous just thinking about eating it. But, if you have had enough already save some now to saute in the winter or throw into soups.

I spent few minutes this morning blanching two bags of kale that we received in our basket from our CSA at Sunny Hill Farm. It was simple, here is what I did:

1 – wash the kale
2 – tear off the rib and rip into smaller pieces
3 – boil about 1-2 inches of water in a large pot
4 – add the kale, you can stuff it in the pot and put on a lid
5 – cook for 2-3 minutes, stirring once.
6 – cool in an ice water bath
7 – remove and drain, I squeezed the water out
8 – freeze in a single layer on a cookie tray for at least 30 min.
9 – place in freezer bags.

Because you froze it in a single layer you can pull out just what you need later. This took less than 30 min (aside from the freezing part).

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