Palak Paneer

I decided to try making Palak Paneer to use up all that cheese. Palak Paneer is an Indian dish made with Spinach and Cheese. I love spinach recipes. The more I eat spinach, the more I love it. The dishes are always so rich and homey. I found the recipe for Palak Paneer on the blog and the dish was absolutely delicious. The only one in the house who didn’t readily eat it was little J. Baby E is getting all sorts of wonderful foods to try and loving all of them. I know it is unlikely but I do hope she continues to eat and try new things as she grows.

Due to the weather, we have not gone strawberry picking yet and a busy schedule is going to keep me from going this weekend but I do hope to get out soon while the crop is still good and pick a bunch. I’ll have to post the recipe for my mother’s strawberry pie. Nothing beats it even if we do disagree over the pastry crust recipe 🙂

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