An Organized Closet is a MUST


Photo credit Christy James. Check out her blog for inspiration.

If your clothes are in a state of chaos, chances are you start the day frazzled and feeling less than your best. The #1 cause of a closet being disorganized is it is full of clothes that aren’t being worn. These unused clothes are stealing prime real estate from your favorite clothes.

Want to spruce up your closet so you can begin the day putting your best foot forward?

If you would like us to organize your closet with you CLICK HERE.

Read on for tips to tackle the closet project on your own…

  • Begin by removing everything from your closet (recommended) or just comb through to
  • remove the things you know you don’t wear.
  • Think about what is a reasonable amount of each type of clothing to have. For example, 5 pairs of jeans are reasonable, 20 pairs are not.
  • Keep only clothes that make you feel good when you wear them.
  • Use all the same kind of hanger for a uniform look. If possible, treat yourself to some flocked slimline hangers. You will be able to fit more into your closet and they keep clothes from slipping off onto the floor.
  • Put like clothing together to make putting your outfit together a snap. We like to arrange clothes by color in each category. You may have several white shirts. When they are near each other it is easier to decide which you want to wear.
  • Finally, put the things you use most often in places that are the easiest to reach.

by Jane Hall

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