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The resounding theme of Cathy’s story has been one of self development.  Who knew that letting go of clutter could empower a person to believe in themselves and to take control of their life?  It happens every day at Sappari Solutions.  It is our mission to empower people to take control and live more purposefully.

Cathy says the number one thing she is enjoying from our work together is, “The non-judgmental approach.”  She goes on to say, “Bringing me to realize what strengths I have and can develop was so important.  I feel you you were bringing it out of me in such a positive approach and teaching me life long tools, tools I would not have acquired without your help.  Even though there were times I regressed, I am now to the point where I can pull myself up.”

“The more something looks like ‘home’, the less stress there is. I think it is very stressful to live in an unorganized home.  Even if a person says, ‘I cook, I get up, I go to work’…It is hard to do those things, there is stress.” states Cathy.

But Cathy has found the more she does to get organized and lighten the load, the less stress she has.  She feels comfortable in her space.   She is able to maintain the progress.    Cathy says she has learned simple little things such as, “When you are doing the laundry, think of putting your clothes in one place.”

It wasn’t always this way…

But things were not like this when Cathy began her journey.  In fact, this sense of peace, calm, resilience and self-worth was Working with Sapparinowhere to be found when Cathy first called us.

“It was very depressive. I was depressed.  I had a negative self-worth and was not healthy in a lot of ways or really at all,” states Cathy as she remembers back on that time.  She goes on to say, “I was existing. I wasn’t living. I went through life with blinders on.  It’s mind boggling the way the mind can block stuff out.”  

Her space was very cluttered with items on the floor, many unopened boxes from past purchases, storage units, closets and rooms packed with items.  She was sleeping on her couch and even though she had a room set aside for her to craft and create, it was not accessible.  The dining table was buried under and she was suffering with anxiety.

And Now?

Empower Your KitchenNow, Cathy says, “I feel like now that even when I have taken a few steps back, I start to get that same feeling back, instead of being overwhelmed, I can stop myself.  I ask, ‘Would you want Nettie or Mary to come in the house right now?’  I don’t have to wait for our appointment. I am empowered with tools and can get started on my own.”

Part of this change has come from placing value on herself.  When we first met, Cathy was very concerned about what others thought and gauged her success on their opinions and actions.  Now, she worries about herself instead of what others think.

I asked Cathy what the 3 most significant improvements in her quality of life have been. But her list was a little longer than that.  Here are 5 of the top improvements she cited:


1 – Improved self-worth.  She smiles more.  Does things because they are of value to her. She no longer feels dysfunctional.

2 – Healthiness of her environment. She is sleeping in her bed, has a routine, does the laundry, takes out the trash and uses her dining table.  She has even embarked on home improvement projects that make her space feel like home.

3 – Opened world.  Clearing out the stuff she was not using gave her space for her life.  She emptied a storage unit, master bedroom closet, two bathrooms and craft room and added back the stuff of living: clothes, crafts, and daily needs.  Everything has a place.

4 – Mindfulness. She is aware of how she wants to live and that vision is possible now.

5 – Tools.  She has a tool belt of resources that are hers to use.  She can create routines, build on habits, see her strengths, recognize signals for change

“If you love yourself, if you love your home, you feel better about yourself. I am proud of my accomplishments. I don’t feel like I have to keep up with Jones but there is pride in my space. I feel empowered.”

A few final words from Cathy:

I hope people reading your blog come away with knowing that you and your team are tools for a lifetime of progress. My opinion is you and your team help people develop tools, ideas, strengths, plans that I as a customer can either run with or ignore. The final decision has to come from the person themselves. But I know that the progress I have made with you and within myself,  I had never before been able to do on my own!!! I will be forever grateful to Sappari Solutions for the time, efforts, both physical and emotional ones, that I’ve received from Nettie and Mary.

My biggest piece of advice to anyone that would be reading this blog, a big component of this all has to come from within you.  You have to let down your guard and truly look inside yourself to get the most out of the processes of working with the team at Sappari.  If you are reading this blog and looking at Sappari’s website, you’ve made the first step towards loving yourself!

The emotional, physical, spiritual investments a person makes during this process is sooooo worth it!!

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