Okra and Cabbage

When I think of okra the first thing that comes to mind is deep fried okra and while this is very tasty, it is not the healthiest dish in the kitchen. Besides the fact that I rarely have enough oil around to deep fry anything. If you are looking for okra check out EatingWell.com and search for okra. You will find a variety of easy, quick dishes for this late summer veggies. EatingWell.com Okra Recipes I personally am going to try the Louisiana Catfish with Okra and Corn.

Also, be sure to save one head of cabbage, go pick one up if you have to. Cabbage is just coming into season now as are many of the late summer/early winter veggies. Take your cabbage, pull of the outer layers of leaves and then slice or chop. Place this in a freezer bag in the freezer then use about a cup at a time in the winter in soups. Cabbage adds a wonderful rich flavor to soup that even non-cabbage lovers will enjoy. My family’s favorite recipe that involves cabbage is a minute minestrone. Wonderful for the winter months. I will post it once the weather turns cold.

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    1. JillSeptember 22, 2010 at 12:41 pm #

      There are delicious Indian Dishes which focus on Okra too. They are usually not in a soupy of a curry as other Indian veggies dishes. Here is a link with some ideas.

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