No Need to Imagine Waving a Magic Wand, You Already Have One

I used to ask my coaching & organizing clients, “If you could wave a magic wand in your business/life, what would you create.”  Some people had never imagined a different outcome than what they saw right in from of them.  But many, especially my entrepreneurs, have imagined big for a LONG time.  

There is a brilliance in this exercise in that as soon as you start to imagine a new possibility, your mind, loving a puzzle, begins to work out how to make it true. 

Just THINKING about a magic wand actually creates the magic.  Super cool, right?

But what if you infused your magic wand with another element… Time Travel. 

Instead of just waving a magic wand and talking about what you would create, you close your eyes and imagine that what you most desire has already come true and you are living in the future results.   This magic infuses your spell with emotion and belief that what you see is actually possible. 

And your brain does not know the difference between your current reality and the imagined future.  It believes both are real!  The power of suggestion is well documented as a way to bring things from imagination into reality.  

One aspect of people with ADHD is that there are only two time frames, Now and Not Now.  Whatever is ‘Not Now’ is of little relevance.  They live in the NOW.  What if, you could make the ‘Not Now’ feel real, so real that it becomes the brain’s believed, “Now”.  What would happen?

This is the magic that you possess and every person possesses but that is even more powerful within the hands of naturally creative entrepreneurs.  

As an entrepnreuer, you imagine your future and pretend that it is your current reality, happening now, feeling it as if it were real.  When you open your eyes, it becomes abundantly clear what is not in alignment with your future reality and you can begin to take steps to address these ‘out of alignment’ situations to move yourself forward. 

This kind of visualization is the first step to remove any perceived blocks, shake you loose from procrastination, make clear your path forward, reveal connections and afore unseen collaborations and more.  There is so much more to this ‘magic’ that you possess.  But starting here will set the ball in motion.  Everything else we do allows the momentum to continue. 

If this speaks to you, and you would like to know more about how to use your own magic to create the business you desire, let’s talk.  It’s easy, just a 15 minute conversation to see where you are, where you would like to go and what’s getting in the way. 

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