Your NEW New Year’s Resolutions

Are you feeling like me?  You were in a rush to get ready for Christmas (Hanukkah, Solstice or Vacation or whatever you do or don’t celebrate).  Actually, if you think about it, you’ve been in a “rush” for a while.  

Each next thing that came up.  First, it was Thanksgiving.  Well, actually it was that trip you took in the fall.  No, it started with back to school. Before that, it was your summer vacation.  It was supposed to be a relaxing trip but all the preparation before and the mess and unpacking after was a real chore.  And before THAT… there is always something, isn’t there?


You are moving from one thing to the next, always rushing to get it done, never quite finishing, moving on to the next thing and your mental-space, your time-space, and your physical-space become more an more cluttered.


It’s time for a reset.  I need one.  You need one.  To be honest, the whole world needs one.  But, we can only manage ourselves.  Truly, that is all that really matters.  You do “you”.  Do “you” to the best of your ability with the resources, time and energy that you have and things will fall into place.


We get ourselves stuck when we try to think, act or step in for others.  I wonder if that is actually where ‘clutter’ comes from?


Today, you are going to stop and regroup.


You are not going to ‘get organized’ this year.  You are not going to ‘lose 10 pounds’.  You are not even going to set new year’s resolutions.  Not in the way you have done in the past, anyway.


Here is your new checklist:

  • Pause and breathe
  • Take stock – where are you? How does it feel to be here?  What is good about where you are?  What is not?  Why?  What have you learned?
  • Make yourself your favorite hot beverage, sit down with a pen and paper or your journal and write.  Get it all down.
  • Pause and breathe
  • Go for a walk (even if it is cold and you need to bundle up . . . a lot)
  • While you are walking (this is important, you are walking FORWARD into your life).  Envision yourself, your best self, who you are, who you are meant to be.  See yourself.  Smile and move towards yourself.
  • Grab another cup of tea (or whatever) and write, again.  In the present tense, write about who you are and your most amazing life (even if it doesn’t feel like you are there, even if it hasn’t yet come to pass, write about it as if it already IS your current reality.
  • What did you learn?


Your NEW New Year’s Resolutions:

Two steps:

  1. What can you do RIGHT NOW, today, to move towards the vision you created of yourself?
  2. What can you commit to doing EVERY DAY to MOVE TOWARDS the vision you created for yourself?

I am doing this. I invite you to join me.  Make this your NEW New Year’s Resolution.  To learn how to create even more of THIS, join me for the Love Your Home Project.  (It’s free) You can find the details here:

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