Momentum Live Virtual 2021 is a wrap – Part #2

I can’t thank you enough for giving me the week to digest and reflect on all of the great things that happened at Momentum Live Virtual 2021. It was three impactful days – both for me and those in attendance.

For me, this was the culmination of months of work to bring you and your business what you needed.

  • There was some laughter…with the Stand Pup Comedy event on the Tuesday before it all began – because laughing just makes everything better! (And when you throw in pets…yeah, hilarious!)
  • There were some deep-dives into the obstacles you might be facing – and how to overcome them. When you share your roadblocks with others, they become less insurmountable as people can often help you see beyond what’s right in front of you.
  • How about the setting of 10 “audacious” goals? I love that word – “audacious” – it’s just so bold! And that’s what the goals you set for yourself are!
  • There were Mastermind and Laser Coaching sessions – and seeing your faces as we talked was so rewarding – and I hope it was for you, too.
  • Let’s give it up for our two incredible guest speakers! Sensei Victoria Whitfield shared a never-before-seen presentation on “Unstoppable Clarity,” – and she looks forward to you reaching out to her for follow-up. And, of course, Brian Rassi gave us a realistic look at money – and how you can access it at the right time and in the right way.
  • And, while you set “audacious” goals – you also set up financial goals – and I can’t wait to hear all about your progress in reaching them!
  • Susan Rose led three fabulous yoga sessions – because yoga is an ideal way to calm the mind and the body – either at the start or end of your day.
  • Networking is an essential part of any event, and you took full advantage of your chances to network at Momentum Live 2021! I hope you’ve made lifelong connections with people that can be part of your tribe going forward.
  • Finally, I can’t fail to mention the strategies that I saw develop and then to see you take these strategies to the next level and actually start implementing them at the event – it’s just what I wanted to see happen for you. What good with this event have been if you only had some vague ideas – and not a means to get them off the ground?

And yes, “What Businesses Need to Know Right Now” launched on Day 1 – and for that, I just have to say, “Thank you.” Your support of this passion project was evident – and I can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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