Menu Week 2

Here is the menu and recipes for this coming week. I think I did a little bit better planning the full week this time.  Links are provided for the recipes I will use except for Friday (I haven’t decided which burger recipe to use yet) and Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream (it is from Furman‘s Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained (Google Affiliate Ad) book)

Today we tried a LOT of new recipes including “bacon” for breakfast (not a hit, too dry) and Tofu Scramble (not quite eggs but yummy and eaten up!)  The Polenta Pizza was yummy and I took it to a church potluck.

I was a little concerned going to the potluck as our first adventure out into the ‘real’ world.  I only took one child so I wouldn’t have a big job of keeping track of what they were each eating.  We really lucked out.  There was the dish I brought, green beans w/ almonds, a big salad and a fruit salad.  So we were set!

Meatloaf tonight was fun and felt homey on this cold-ish winter day.  But looking back at the recipe now I realize that I forgot two big ingredients: the oatmeal (no wonder it was not totally solid) and the nuts.  But, eaten along with the mashed potatoes it was great!  Definitely will make again.  For dessert we had Chocolate Ice Box Pie and while not TOTALLY healthy (there was maple syrup in it) it was so good. I topped it with raspberries and my dear husband asked a couple of times just how bad it was for him.  The kids, of course, devoured it and wanted seconds.  My favorite part was the crust made of dates, nuts and vanilla.

I am trying to figure out little M’s birthday, which is coming up on Friday.  She has asked for burgers but wants real meat ones.  We could indulge her request for her birthday, it wouldn’t hurt anything.  Definitely, need to continue to discuss with my dear husband and see what the best plan for our family is.

Some continued health benefits: we continue to feel alert and refreshed.  Jason has said his sinuses feel more clear than he can remember.  Our littlest one is having an easier time going to the bathroom.  DH and I have both felt like exercising and are actually do it, every day.  His blood pressure and heart rate is significantly lower than it was 1 week ago.  We will continue to monitor but so far so good!

On an environmental note, we have almost no trash!  Food scraps go into compost, the wrappers go into recycling and that’s about it.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Scramble, Bacon, FruitSalad Rip’s Bowl Breakfast Bars & Green Shake Rip’s Bowl Oatmeal Rip’s Bowl Saturday
Mid Morning Snack Power Balls Rice Cakes & PB Apples & Pistachios Trail Mix Friday Saturday
Lunch Polenta, Pesto Pizza Kale w/Cashew Cream Sauce
Afternoon Snack Apples, PB and Toast, Pistachios Hummus Popcorn Fruit Salad w/Chia Seeds Chips & Salsa Fruit Shake Saturday
Dinner Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, salad South West Mac & Cheese Spaghetti & Meatballs Black Bean Burritos Stir Fry & Brown Rice Burgers, Fries, Salad & Fruit Potato Enchiladas, Guacamole, 
Dessert Chocolate Ice Box Pie Cookies Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Pumelo Carrot Cake & Banana Ice Cream Saturday
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