Meals for the Week

Meals for the Week:
Monday: Steak on the grill, sauted asparagus, brown rice
Tuesday: TexMex Egg Casserole, wilted spinach with toasted sunflower seeds, fresh bread
Wednesday: Roast Chicken
Thursday: Italian Sausage with asparagus and onions over noodles
Friday: Spinach Salad, cheese and muffins
Saturday: Baked flounder, potato oven fries, green beans (from frozen)
Sunday: Mother’s Day Tea

This will be the third week of our early spring CSA with Brad’s produce, we are stopping up to Sunny Hill later in the week to pick up flowers, eggs and cheese and over to Broom’s Bloom for milk. Looks like another trip to Millers Natural Market in Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania is in order too. Cooking seasonally is getting easier the more that I do it. I am jotting down the items that I have been buying from the store that I could be having at home: sphaghetti sauce, frozen vegatables, etc. This year I hope to preserve a lot more of what we eat. We will be installing cabinets in the basement soon to hold jars and other pantry items soon. I can see a benefit in grocery store shopping in that you do not need to find the space in your own home to put up all this food.

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