Little Meals for Little People

When my little J was just starting to eat solid foods I felt like I didn’t have the time or energy to make my own baby food. I bought Beech Nut Pureed Veggies (Gerber had too many additives) and rice cereal and we mashed bananas. Then M arrived and I had learned to puree veggies and it was so much simpler than I expected. Now, E is here and in spite of the fact that there are two others to tend to she gets home pureed veggies and oatmeal. The cost is substantially less, I know what is in the food I am giving her, it is fresh and environmentally we are making less of an impact. The thing that kept me from making baby foods with little J – time and energy seem like less of an issue because it really isn’t hard at all. I love the website for the how-to’s on preparing every fruit or vegetable you can imagine with guides to when the child can eat each item.

As I type, E is enjoying fresh cooked and pureed sweet potatoes. I cooked the potato in the microwave (after pricking it) and sometimes I cook these things while I am making dinner so there is in additional time input. Threw it in the food processor and added pear juice. I’ll save the rest of what she doesn’t eat in the fridge for the week. If it is too much, I can freeze in small portions and take it out as she needs it.

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    1. GiselaMarch 23, 2010 at 1:46 pm #

      LOVE that website! It is so inexpensive to puree your own baby food, and I like knowing what I am putting into my kids. I actually would freeze a batch in ice cube trays, pop them out, and put them in a container in the freezer for when I needed.

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