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I would love to garden. I do love to garden. My attempts often fail but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming every spring that this year will be the year I have a fabulously beautiful, or fabuluscious as I like to call it, garden and enough vegetables to maybe put one meal on the table from my own garden. This year I decided to leave the growing part to the farmers who seem to do it so much better than I can. But you know what? There are tomatoes sprouting in my dining room window sill, peppers, too. And just today I planted onion seeds in a used food try that I ate canolis out of last night.

I blame most of my inability to grow food on the lack of sunshine in my yard. Even my sunniest spots seem to be no better than partial sun. It is a challenge. But then I found the book Grow Great Grub in my library. The author, Gayla Trial, inspires you to use the space you’ve got, however minimal, and just make a go of it. So, I will try again, as I do every year in the hopeful spring. Ms. Trail also has a wonderfully informative website You Grow Girl if you are looking for an online community to support your gardening addiction.

I am already being drawn in: basil planted among the marigolds at the mailbox, tomatoes alongside the sedum in the backyard. Maybe this year I’ll have enough produce for a pot of soup. One can dream, anyway.

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