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For a while now I have been reading my way to a better understanding of our food system and how we can change it. I spotted the book Just Food: Where Locavores Get It Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly while in Barnes and Noble in March and added it to my ‘To Read’ list.

Just recently I was able to delve into this book. I was intrigued by the title but after reading the introduction I had a hard time deciding to continue. Was it going to be a waste of time to continue reading an author that seemed so bitter and had a chip on his shoulder about locavores for some reason I could not yet gather? It seemed to me he got his point across that those of us who are out there actually trying to make a change for the environment, our health, our families and our communities are wrong, misguided and completely unaware of some huge mistake that he perceived we were making. He took every chance possible to make jibes at the other books that discuss sustainable eating and seemed oblivious that the audience he was writing for was the same one he was ridiculing. A large part of me wanted to spend my time reading something more interesting that didn’t involve being chastised by a self-proclaimed authority on everything anti-locavore. But, curiosity won out and I continued reading.

Now, on page 42, Mr. McWilliams has finally said SOMETHING worth hearing without the bitter undercurrent. I don’t agree with how he has gotten to his point but I can understand why he thinks that being a locavore is not enough and is not realistic for everyone. I plan to keep reading to see what else he has to say, to see if he can offer any realistic alternatives to the current food system. He presumes that everyone understands what is currently going on and has already moved toward making choices that are better for their bodies and the environment. I hope he realizes that for most people, they are just not there yet.

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