I’ve Been Vegucated

Netflix so kindly recommended other documentaries that would enjoy since I just watched, “Forks Over Knives”.  From the list I chose, “Vegucated.”  I made the mistake of watching it over dinner.  Although I knew most of the information regarding factory farming and I am learning about the health benefits of a plant based diet, to see the reality of those types of farms was sickening.   I am thankful that it’s been years since we stepped off of that terrible machine to only eat locally sourced, humanely treated animals.  The documentary questions whether it is humane to kill any animal when we do not need it eat that kind of food to survive.

If you are still purchasing any type, organic & free range included, of grocery store meats, eggs or dairy, I would recommend you watch this movie.  You need to know and see where you food is coming from.

Four days into this project I am feeling pretty good about this choice.   Jason and I have already noticed certain changes such as: we are not tired after eating, we are less tired in general (and it’s not because we got more sleep!), he has lost a pound and feels less bloated, we are less hungry in between meals, the food is delicious.

On a TMI note, I thought we would all be more gassy because of all the fruits, vegetables, beans, etc but I haven’t noticed it to be any different that usual.

We had ‘Blueberry Dumpster Cake‘ last night for dessert and it was again motivating enough for the kids to devour their food.   I am making veggie sushi on Friday and can’t wait!  It’s probably going to be a mess but is should be fun!

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