Italian Egg Soup

It may seem like there are fewer options in the winter for vibrant, fresh food. It is the land of potatoes, squashes and other veggies that keep well in a root cellar. But, this Italian Egg Soup recipe that is found on Eating Well’s website is a cheerful, light soup that really brightens my day. I thrive on local food but I also try to eat in season. In the winter citrus fruits and avocados are in season, they may have to travel a bit and I do appreciate that and take advantage of them only at the right time of year.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out your favorite farm and sign up for a CSA this coming year. Most are already taking memberships and I am sure a few are already full. These days with early, regular and late season memberships you can cover 3/4 of the year with fresh, local food!

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