Ice Cream Testing

When guests come in to town I often take them to at least one of my five favorite local ice cream shops.  Two of them are local dairy farms.  I honestly thought, on the first weekend we started eating plant based, ‘How am I going to give up ICE CREAM!’ and for that matter milkshakes, cheese, pizza, spanikopita, lasagna, whipped cream… oh the list goes on and I think I will miss those things.  Maybe I will indulge in them once a year.  But for now we are going without the dairy versions.

Since this ins’t a food I am ready to just give up I (and the kids) needed to find worthy alternatives.  Here is what we tried this week.  Yes we did all the testing in one week and NO that is not too much ice cream 🙂
Strawberry Ice Cream
Thai Coconut Ice Cream
So Delicious

Banana Chocolate Ice Cream
3 bananas (frozen in pieces 2-3 hours), 1/4 c. pecans, 1 T cocoa powder, 1/2 t vanilla – blend until smooth and creamy

We also have tried these frozen delights in previous weeks:
Banana Ice Cream
Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream
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