How to Keep Your Energy Up

So, how are you doing?

No…really. HOW are you doing?

Are you plodding along and doing okay?

Or are you feeling exhausted and lacking energy?

Or does it depend on the day? (That’s probably more like it.)

Between a pandemic, the holidays, a crazy election, your business, and a million other little things pulling at you right now, keeping your energy up may seem like a chore.

I was feeling the drain myself, and it makes a lot of sense. (Check out this article in Medium for more on why)

Our brains are literally overwhelmed as they try to process everything. It really makes perfect sense why our energy is disappearing.

And yet, we are entrepreneurs. We are ALWAYS thinking of new ideas, new solutions, new…well, you name it! Consistency for us IS change!

But change takes energy.

While a cup of coffee might help you get through holiday shopping and Christmas merrymaking, it’s probably not going to give you enough energy to help you with your business.

In years past, I would have embraced a push at the end of the year. This year I am returning to fail-safe systems and small steps that I know I can successfully implement.

Because guess what? There will be time in the next year for new projects and growth, and I need to feel good right now – and you do, too! And small victories are the answer!

So, here’s what I’m doing:

  1. I get up and get to work first thing every day. Really, doing the work that ensures my business operates and grows is my first priority. (Full disclosure, I do it in my pjs without breakfast or brushing my teeth. Remember – this is a no-judgment zone, okay?). I love what Craig Ballantyne had to say about this ( He said, you are going to get the other stuff done, but if you put off the BIG work on your list, you will never find time for it.
  2. I use the Momentum Planner to visualize and then pick my tasks for the day. Typically, the things that are in my planner are the first things I do in the morning. I love Cat Stancik’s word for this. She calls it your “Minimum Viable Day” – and it’s the least you can do that still moves your business forward. The bare minimum. (And yeah, after the year we’ve had…bare minimum may be all you’ve got right now – and that’s okay.)
  3. I stop when the work is done or set a hard stop at the end of the day. You will ALWAYS have more work that can be done (more emails, more administrative tasks, more planning, etc.) – but there needs to be an end. Decide on a point when the project is done or set business hours and stick to them. Don’t let your work bleed into the rest of the day. Boundaries are your friends. Doreen Virtue said, “Boundaries are a part of self-care. They are healthy, normal, and necessary.” And this year we need them more than ever.

All of these things give you focus and help you create energy. Are you willing to give these things a try with me as we trudge through these last few weeks?

And if the answer is no and you’ve said, “To heck with it! Let the holidays begin! Bring on the cookies, champagne, and my comfy clothes! Business can wait until 2021!” – I’ve got your back! And I’ll be here for you in January.

Smile and hang in there!

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