How to Create Momentum with Unstoppable Clarity

Do you know what Dopamine does?

According to Web MD, “Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter. Your body makes it, and your nervous system uses it to send messages between nerve cells. That’s why it’s sometimes called a chemical messenger.

Dopamine plays a role in how we feel pleasure. It’s a big part of our unique human ability to think and plan. It helps us strive, focus, and find things interesting.”

I’ve been reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear and he talks about that the “Dopamine hit” is at its peak just before you open up a gift or a package.

It’s almost time for Momentum Live so we are ramping up the Dopamine hit as everyone gets ready to open up the package that is Momentum Live. I’ve been getting the swag boxes filled with goodies and mailed out to our virtual attendees.

One of our guest presenters, Sensei Victoria Whitfield joined me on FB LIve today to give a little preview of the session she’ll be teaching at Momentum Live. Her presentation is called “Unstoppable Clarity: How to Activate Momentum with Shamanic Vision Journey Meditation” and Ican not wait for you to see it!

One of my favorite quotes from this interview is when Victoria said, “When more good people make good money, more good happens in the world.”

Victoria and I are a bit like two sides of the same coin. Time and time again we’ve seen that people who work with and learn from both of us get such amazing results. It’s like our work compliments each other so well that the results from both are amplified exponentially.

Take a few minutes and check out this interview

Victoria shares how she is going to help Momentum Live attendees to discover the one thing holding you back from growing your business (and I promise you, the answer is not that you are getting in your own way!).

She also shared her favorite things about attending Momentum Live including the diversity of attendees (this is not your typical women’s coaching event!), the networking opportunities, collaboration in the room, time for implementation, and so much more!

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