How I Became An Organizer

I am often asked HOW I became a professional organizer. And, I typically just do a little hand waving to describe what brought me into this profession and how I love to help people change their lives. It all seems a bit cliche.

But, today, I open my heart to you to share the journey on how I became an organizer and the impact that my organizing has had on my family and vice versa. I believe 100% that this work is my calling. Amazingly, one of the lives that I have touched through my work is my own. It’s interesting how things can come full circle, isn’t it?

Everything I teach and share I have learned not only through reading books (I do a lot of that!) and learning from colleagues (organizers are a friendly bunch!) but also from the heart to heart work with clients and with my own children and with myself. Those lessons were reflective.

Thank you for participating in this 7 Day Love Your Home Project. The energy in this group is overflowing and so full of love and positivity! YOU, your PRESENCE, is the reason why.

If you want this to be your #NewNormal I want to invite you to learn how you can continue this journey. What you have learned over these last 7 days has been the WHY of creating a space that supports you, what you are doing and where you are going. You have learned WHY you have struggled in this area in the past and you have begun the step-by-step journey to move forward into a new more positive space.

What is the available to you is HOW to continue that journey and HOW to create that space for yourself.

I encourage you to watch the webinar, 10 Steps to Take Control of Your Clutter, and then to take the leap of faith to try something new to create a new path for yourself.

What’s included:

  • Welcome Module
  • 10 Modules shared every 2 weeks for 6 months
  • 10 video lessons
  • 1 Bonus Module to help pull everything together
  • Access to the exclusive Take Control System Facebook Group
  • 24 x 7 Access to the Sappari Online Membership Portal with additional tools and resources
  • The Take Control System BOOKmailed to your home
  • 25 Weekly live phone coaching open sessions with your organizer

Step into The Take Control System and join your TRIBE of courageous change-makers in creating a space that supports YOU this year!

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