How Can You Put More Vibe in Your Tribe?

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When you vibe with someone, the relationship interactions have the characteristics of being natural, flowing and complimentary.  When you’re not quite “vibing” with others the interactions are forced, uncomfortable and typically lead to more confusion. This brings us back to the article’s title, “How can you put more vibe in your tribe?”

Work can be one of the most fulfilling undertakings in life! When alignment of skill, passion and environment (culture) occur, one is most likely to be fully engaged. Fully engaged employees will apply every effort to obtain defined results, while unengaged employees will only provide as much effort as will enable them to be compliant and fly under the radar. Interestingly, active dis-engagement literally creates sabotage amongst the workforce. Actively disengaged employees must be identified and addressed immediately to avoid significant financial and relational harm across the workforce.

However, when we are vibing with our tribe, we operate as a synergistic team, whereby each individual makes a contribution to the whole and each contribution is complementary to others within the team and to the designed purpose or overall objective. Simply put, the tribe that vibes, accomplishes more!

We can put more “vibe in our tribe” when we identify and address 3 engagement factors across our workforce: Focus, Motivation, and Energy.

Put More Vibe in your Tribe with:

1. Focus: Create greater focus by ensuring all roles within the team or organization have a thorough understanding of how their respective duties and relational interactions impact the purpose and mission of the organization. Each position from bottom to top in the hierarchy needs to see the connection between their role and overall accomplishment of purpose. Otherwise, the role begins to lack meaning; resulting in a lack of focus on details and outcomes.

Note- the younger generations of talent are highly altruistic, seeking to work for organizations making a difference in the lives and wellbeing of others. Focused engagement of talent requires continuous alignment of function to organizational purpose. Where these are aligned and well understood, great focus and engagement typically exist!

2. Motivation: By identifying the extrinsic and intrinsic motivators of your workforce leaders are able to guide staff to operate productively, efficiently and aligned with organizational values and purpose. Some may be motivated by money, titles or perks, while others are motivated by autonomy, flexibility, alignment of passion to purpose and other “feeling” based or intrinsic motivators.

Leaders are charged with understanding how their employees are motivated and reach each single person, as well as motivate the whole workforce under their charge. While we know one size does not fit all when it comes to motivation, it remains necessary to identify just what does motivate each and ensure those elements are present for each. Relationships developed through 1-on-1 meetings between supervisor and subordinate are a great way to uncover motivations and values and begin using these personal motivators to leverage talent’s capabilities and impact to organizational purpose.

3. Energy: Staff will provide as much discretionary energy in equal relation to the amount of engagement felt individually and collectively across the organization. In other words, energy corresponds to engagement! The more engagement the more energy may be released conducive to contributing to achievement of individual and collective goals.

One of the single best ways to engage (and therefore focus energy on achievement) is to provide flexibility in how accomplishments are achieved.  Providing a “say” in the “how”, enables employees to take ownership in the “what” of what is achieved.

When the tribe vibes, members are focused, motivated and energized to achieve their purpose.

A clear focus, understanding of motivations and attention to energy are 3 simple steps to avoid confusion, lack of commitment and most detrimental, lack of accomplishment.

Want to put more vibe in your tribe?  

For support in team building, effective supervision, leadership, on-boarding, recruitment and selection, leadership development, career support and more contact your local HR small business resource, HRevolution, LLC at 410-688-5054 or

PictureRyan McShane is the Principal & Founder of HRevolution, LLC, a resume-writing and human resource consulting firm. He has created and implemented various Human Resource Development programs such as Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management for Project Management, The Continuous Learning Committee (CLC), career coaching and many other organizational development initiatives.
Ryan is passionate about maximizing human potential to meet career and business objectives. He especially accomplished in creating dynamic, systems-driven organizations that capture and share knowledge across hierarchal levels and generations to advance business outcomes.

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