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Cat Stancik: It’s all about the room where it happens, right?

Nettie Owens: Absolutely. And you just joined us in the room where it’s happening right now. What is the value of being in the room where it’s happening? You’ve had a lot of experiences being in the room. Tell me about just a few of them.

Cat Stancik: I’ve been in some pretty secret rooms. I’ve been behind the scenes in a lot of different events. And I’ve been with hundreds of people, 1000s of people and 10s of people. And I’ve been in the room with some of the top marketers in the world.

Nettie Owens: You were in a Russell Brunson room.

Cat Stancik: We couldn’t pay to get access to it. I mean, basically, people were saying I’ll pay millions of dollars to get access to it. And people they were being told, “No.”

Nettie Owens: Actually, the more fabulous person in that room was probably our mutual acquaintance, Molly Mahoney, because Molly was in that room.

Cat Stancik: Yep. I saw the sparkle pants upfront and personal, gave her a big hug. I should share some of those photos. In terms of credibility, I was in the room where it happened and I’m in the room where it happens a lot, I have a great network, lots of connections, people that I actually consider friends and don’t use as the “star power thing” or whatever.

There’s a difference in all the different kinds of rooms that I’ve been in. That difference is the quality of the person. I’m not saying that the quality of the person in the big event that I was at wasn’t very high. But there is something to be said about being in a space where people are wanting to create.

I always think of you when I say this, many people are in a space where they create a lot of movement, they’re busy, they’re doing stuff, they’re getting some stuff done. But there’s a difference between movement and momentum.

And your room is specifically designed to create the momentum. So if you’re in doubt as to whether or not you’re creating movement or momentum, Momentum Live helps create that tuning fork, it creates that space, and provides an environment where you can see where you are creating movement and where you are creating the momentum in your business. Because momentum is where the millions come from.

Nettie Owens: We talked about the difference between being busy and being productive. And busy-ness versus business. Creating the right kinds of movement, the right kinds of action that are going to get you growth. I don’t know about you, but as a mom and a business owner, and wife, all those things….

Cat Stancik: And teacher now because we’re homeschooling!

Nettie Owens: Exactly, it is not hard to be busy.

Cat Stancik: It’s like the analogy, are you buzzing? Or are you creating honey? Which one? Are you just spinning around just kind of creating movement? Because the bees dance? Right?

What is your intention? Is your action actually producing results? The honey.

You can’t create momentum without taking space and time to really look at first, grounding yourself and asking, “Alright, you know, let’s be real. It’s a gut check. How am I doing?” Maybe things are amazing.

If so, what’s working? How am I being amazing? How do I do what I do? And how do I keep repeating that? You can’t do that without creating that space that time to really go in and ask the deep questions.

Could you do it by yourself at your office and you know, at your home or whatever? Maybe. But, you probably haven’t. Do you have other successful people looking at your plan and saying, “Whoa! Big huge block here. Right here.”

Nettie Owens Or even better, “Enormous opportunity that you aren’t paying attention to” You just need to turn your head and you can stop being busy and you can start being effective at what you’re doing.

You came to Momentum Live in March 2020, the Pandemic Version. If I recall, you were surprised at the “room where it happened” feeling. What made you decide to come and what did you find there?

Cat Stancik: I decided to come because I am an action taker. Recently I was doing a launch, the launch was not yet over. And I’m thinking, “Alright, what am I moving on to next? What’s the next thing on the horizon?” That’s just how I roll my business. I’m very action focused. I’m very, “here’s a plan, go and implement it, go, go, go, go go.” The problem is, that when you’re always go-go-going, you might be go-go-going off the cliff. You don’t realize because you’re so tunnel focused that you don’t look at what’s not the next step, but three steps forward.

Three steps forward is a big crash and burn energetically such as you’ve spent too much and you need self care.

That was one of thing that was an unintended benefit, which is there was space and time for me to be away from my family.

I love to be able to look at my business to get other people’s eyes on my business. I try to go into any event kind of unattached as to what I expect which helps me be surprised, because then it allows me to let people be themselves and show up in their brilliance instead of me coming in with a judgment or anything like that.

There’s a gamut of the level of experience and the level of success. Some people were phenomenally successful and something happened. Other people are ramping it up. Other people are swinging hard, and they’re hitting the ball, right? There’s that gamut.

Everybody has something to contribute. Let’s say there’s someone who’s at six figures in their business, right? But they could have been running like Microsoft before.

Nettie Owens: That can be a rough switchover, by the way. And so we hear about it a lot from people who left a corporate job or were otherwise at the top of their game to start their business. That can be a bit of a bumpy road.

Cat Stancik: What is beautiful is that people have these skill sets that they can transfer over into their entrepreneurial journey. It could be someone who maybe was unemployable and who’s now you know, close to a million dollars in their business because they needed to be the boss, not an employee, right? Amazing people.

One of the most amazing things that you have, is that you create phenomenal communities, wherever you go. You have an entourage. You express, “I believe in you. I believe in me. I believe in anybody that you bring into the room.” It just creates this tribe of empowered people. Men and women alike, who are really out there making that positive impact in the world. And when you get access to those people, and they can look at your business, they’re looking at it unattached.

You have your fears in yourself and what you can accomplish that blinds you to what’s possible. But when you’ve got someone who can see the path clearly, you’ve got other people who’ve been there done that in some capacity, who can tell you what to avoid and what to double down on, it helps create that momentum in your business. It accelerates your results. But you don’t get that unless you create the space and the time in your business to actually go and focus on your business and not always be in your business.

Summing up. What is in the “Room Where It Happens?”

  • Connections
  • Closed business
  • The ability to ask for what you need
  • Mentors
  • Implementation
  • Relationships
  • Tools
  • Information that is not available anywhere else
  • Objectivity
  • Clarity
  • Feedback
  • Energy

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