The weekend is here!

Actually, if you’re like me, you probably think about your weekend starting when you shut down your computer on Friday afternoon.

You might even think to yourself, “Yes! Work is over, and the fun can begin!” Perhaps, you even do a little happy dance!

But I want you to take a minute and think about why we equate the weekends with fun.

Now, there’s no doubt that the weekends are fun – they certainly are!

But shouldn’t work be fun, too?

The answer is: YES!

Now, I’m not going to say that work should be hours upon hours of fun and frivolity – because that’s just not realistic. But there should be fun moments. Moments that bring you happiness. Moments that make you smile.

Unfortunately, if you’re finding the joy and fun and excitement of your work is slowly disappearing – or maybe it’s disappeared altogether – and that you’re “living for the weekend” – then it’s time to bring it back!

So, how do you do that?

Because so many of you are just like me, I know that one of the things that I find “fun” and take great pleasure in is in recognizing what I’ve accomplished each week. (I know this may not be what you stereotypically think of as “fun,” – but hear me out.)

Celebrating what you’ve accomplished is vital to you and your business – and yes, it’s fun!

And you should do it on a regular basis – so why not on Fridays?

Think about how your Monday started and where your Friday ended – and everything that happened in between.

I guarantee there’s something to celebrate in there – even if it’s just been a week of working in your business.

Often, we want to celebrate the big moments like signing new clients or hitting revenue goals – when, in reality, all of those little steps you’re taking throughout the week are truly working to move your business forward – and should be celebrated.

From now on, when Friday rolls around, I want you to spend 2 minutes having fun by celebrating what you accomplished during the week – and go into your weekend with a smile on your face!

Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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