Food Revolution

The tv show WAS very interesting. The interactions were obviously dramatized as they are on all of the reality shows. But, I love that someone is getting out there and trying to put a face on these food issues. It is sad when a classroom full of children does not know a fresh vegetable from a bottle of ketchup but that is our fault.

How did we get so distracted? When did we lose site of teaching our children the most basic lessons? This is food, this is how you gather it, prepare it and eat it. It goes along with all the other life lessons you teach your children: how to behave in society, care for your body, count, walk, love, etc. I see so many families that are so busy trying to earn a living that no one is teaching the life lessons. Food is just one more thing to take care of in a day and there is little connection if any to family, health, the environment, etc.

In the episode last night, I felt Jamie’s pain and shock at the realization that the food served in that elementary school was prepared in such a way only spoons and fingers were necessary. I reminds me of two movies: WALL-E and Idiocracy. The second I don’t recommend watching with children, parents or anyone else that might be offended by sheer vulgarity. But, in both movies food has been ‘simplified’ down to a meal in a cup. They even serve a cupcake in a cup in WALL-E. “That’s silly,” you say. “We aren’t going to go down that road.” But we are already there! Look at the commercials for Campbell’s Soup at Hand, you microwave and drink. Food has become on the go and complete nutrition in neat packages. Businesses are even marketing it to our children with supplemental drinks like pediasure and super fortified juices. How about instead we just plain take a break to eat and teach our children to do the same. You know what, we might enjoy it 🙂

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    1. NettieMarch 30, 2010 at 6:18 pm #

      Well said Gisela. I agree that I can make a better, less expensive lunch for my children (and husband.) But, like you, I see the need to provide good, wholesome food for children who need it. Since a school is by definition a learning institution, wouldn’t it be a great place to teach about good food and eating habits? I remember learning these things in elementary school.

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