Exciting stuff is happening!

WHEW! It has been a busy few weeks around here.

If we’ve never worked together before you may not know this about me, but I am the kind of coach who absolutely walks her talk. I teach my clients and students to plan out their marketing and to periodically evaluate their offers, their business structure, and their processes.

That’s not just something I teach. I do it myself too, oftentimes right alongside my clients.

So as I came out of my Momentum Live event a couple of weeks ago, I did a deep dive into evaluating things in my own business and I decided to make a few shifts and changes.

My clients and customers are experts at what they do. They have a deep level of knowledge and they want nothing more than to put that knowledge to work to make a difference for their clients and customers. They’ve been successfully running their business for a while now and they’ve reached a point where they want to continue growing, but they just don’t have any more hours to give.

They need to streamline their efforts in order to maximize their results.

I realized that the things that were making the biggest difference for my clients were to make sure that they have strategic and well-organized processes and then to provide them with the accountability and support they need to put those plans into action.

Things like having a defined process that you can use to bring new people into your business, give them a taste of what working with you is like, and quickly move them into your high-ticket programs or services. A funnel, if you will… but not your typical funnel that most people think of when they hear that word. More like a map for your ideal customer journey.Once you have that process created and can put it into place, not only are you able to earn more income but more importantly, you are able to do so with less time and effort. You are also able to outsource components of the system to support you in your efforts.

My superpowers are helping you to plan out that customer map and then to help you create and execute a plan to get it completed and up and running in your business.

So here’s what you can expect from me going forward.

I want to create an incubator for expert entrepreneurs to gather and support one another. You’ll be seeing some upcoming changes in my Facebook group and community to make that a reality very soon.

I will continue to bring you interviews and resources both from experts in the community and from my years of experience. You’ll see me showing up in your inbox to share interviews, resources, and insights that will help you to grow your business without adding extra work to your already busy schedule.Later this year, you’ll also receive an invite to join me in an exciting program designed to help you create and implement your vision for that ideal customer journey. This program is designed to walk you through the implementation process in a way that dramatically increases your likelihood of completing the project in a timely manner… even if your hard drive is filled with half-finished projects you’ve started in the past.

But more on that later.

For now… just know that I’m committed to bringing you the resources you need to grow your business without additional time, stress, or overwhelm.

We’ll talk again soon.

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