Dreams to Action Was A Great Seminar!

I attended Dreams to Action in January 2013.  I honestly had no idea what to expect from the seminar as I have always considered myself a well-organized person.  I work 25-30 hours per week and am a single mom to two young girls who are active in extracurricular activities-I have to be pretty organized, right?

Dreams to Action was a great seminar!  It gave me some helpful tips on setting goals and keeping to task in achieving those goals.  More importantly for me, Dreams to Action re-energized me.  It reminded me that I DO possess the tools to set and attain goals from the simple daily goals to my more ambitious goals.  It allowed me to look at goals with an added excitement and determination.
I highly recommend attending Dreams to Action 2014.  Nettie is a engaging speaker and her subject material is informative and relate-able!

I’m the one in the cowboy hat!

Angela Rose, Events & Promotions Coordinator, Bel Air Downtown Alliance
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