Did It Stick?

new-years-eveSo it’s April now. How’s that New Year’s resolution working out for you?

If you decided that you were going to keep the closet organized, the sink shined, or the laundry folded and put away, are the habits that you set out to create becoming part of your routine?

Now is a good time to spot check yourself. It hasn’t been that long. What did you set out to accomplish? What did you think as you started making progress? What slowed you down, or interrupted your momentum? Can you get that issue in check and forge ahead?

Set a goal to try to do a little bit more of that task each day. Add 15 minutes a day to your routine and fold and put away the clothes in the dryer. Make that closet organizer that you bought in January earn it’s keep. Enjoy the sight of a cleared counter and sink as you head off to bed. Really. A little time goes a long way and once the habit is a part of you, it won’t even seem like an effort.

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