Creating A Sanctuary

What is a ‘sanctuary’?

Today, I am sharing with you just a little bit about the word sanctuary.  It’s an appropriate word for February because this is a month of love and caring.  We really celebrate our relationships not only with others but also ourselves in February.  We should celebrate acts of love and kindness and creating a sanctuary in your home is an act of love and kindness for yourself.

Based on the Wikipedia definition, a sanctuary is a place where you could go, a church specifically, to be safe from persecution.  If you were a fugitive, then you were immune from arrest.  You can still in the modern era claim sanctuary in a church.  It’s really a place that’s respected more traditionally.  I’m guessing in the United States, if you were hiding in a church they are still going to find you.  But at that time, people were being persecuted for many reasons that were not necessarily things that were wrong. People were being persecuted for just being that they were.

How does that translate to today?  Why am I saying you should create a sanctuary in your house today?

Well today, we are just surrounded by and overwhelmed by a constant flow of information.  We’re surrounded by stuff.  We’re surrounded by things going on politically and in our environment.  Our family and our homes are reflective of the chaotic outside world.

Our homes are just as chaotic as the outside world

I want you this month, to focus on carving out a space or a sanctuary.  A sacred space or a “sacred container;” I just heard it recently on from the lovely Victoria Whitfield.    A sacred container is basically the time and the space; whether it’s physical or mental, that you open and then other good things will flow in.

I would like you to consider this month creating a sanctuary space in your home.  For many people a good place to start is your bedroom, because that’s already in place that is identified as just yours even if you share it with your partner.   You want a space that is absent of all the other excess and all other negative influences.  You want this space to be free of things that would clutter your mind and keep you from thinking and feeling your absolute best.

Creating a sanctuary is carving out your own peace and calm

By having that space be your bedroom it allows you to think clearly.  Your bedroom sanctuary allows you to prepare yourself for each day but also to sleep better.

If you have a Sacred Space in your home, that was just yours, where no outside influence could even come in.  Those negative outside influences are just not allowed at all.   An example would be, if you have a family, you can tell other family members to take your shoes off in my sanctuary.   Tell them “do not bring your negativity into my sanctuary, this is my space.”  It may be the case, that you’re simply going to carve out a corner for yourself or just a chair to beginning with.  In the end it is a place where you can retreat.

I would encourage you to expand upon that and really allow yourself to take up more room in your own home.  Create a place that is safe and free from all other distractions that may influence you.  I’m doing this now myself.  I have one of my organizers helping me to reclaim my office space.  In doing so I am allowing myself to reclaim me, my time, and energy – and you can do it too!

Kick out all the “stuff” that brings you down

If you are still questioning how to make your own sanctuary, I recommend just start small.  Find chair with a table next to it, that you love, and remove everything that doesn’t belong there.  Place objects in that space that make you feel your best, whole and complete.  In the end, keep that space do not let the outside influences come into it.  Do not let the laundry come in there.  Do not let trash in there.  Do not let things that you need to do and accomplish come in there.

Your sanctuary is an empty open space with the best energy in it.  You could keep a favorite photograph or a book you love on the table to reflect on.  If you love flowers, put flowers there.  This space is for only things that are going to uplift you and fill you up.  Shut out all outside influences that might take and drain your energy.

Remember Sappari Solutions is always here to help.  We are only a call, text, or click away.

You can achieve peace and calm   

It’s time to get out from underneath the clutter. And it is not just physical clutter that is holding you back from living the life of your dreams but the clutter in your schedule and your mind. The focus for you right now needs to be on identifying the issues, finding their source, letting go of that stuff that is holding you back. You need to set goals and prioritize around what it is you are trying to achieve and why that is important to you.

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