Chicken and a Spring Share

Today and every other Friday after 3pm, Rumbleway Farm will have chickens available. They are fresh on the weekend and frozen in between pick up days. Rumbleway Farm is a grass farm and certified organic. If you are looking for sustainable agriculture, this is it. Visiting the farm is a lot of fun as the animals are just wondering around. There is a farm store that is open year ’round. Check it out!

Yesterday, we picked up our first early spring share with Brad’s Produce. In it we got eggs, flowers, asparagus, spinach, radishes, spring onions and mesclun. I put the asparagus, radishes and spring onions to use in this Asparagus & Radish Salad from Eating Well. I thought the taste was fresh and light. My husband thought it tasted like grass. To each his own! has lots of great seasonal recipes. Just type the ingredient in the search box that you are trying to use and viola! There is also a bi-monthly magazine that you can subscribe to (we do!)

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