Black Bean Burritos with Kale & Avocado

This is my creation.  I am typing this not while I am cooking so I hope I remember everything!  I’ve made this version three times now but it isn’t so different from the black bean burritos I used to make prior to starting down the path of plant-based.  What I love about this meal is that you can get everything you need in one meal, in one dish.  If you are cooking for kids they can put the pieces together and make choices on toppings which always helps with ‘buy in’.

Black Bean Burritos with Kale & Avocado

8-10 whole wheat tortillas (check the packaging to avoid processed sugars, fats, and salt)

1 medium onion – chopped
1 green pepper – chopped
1 c. mushrooms – chopped
2 cloves of garlic pressed
1 c. chopped tomatoes (fresh or canned)
1 T cumin
1 t salt
4 c. cooked black beans (~2 cans – low sodium, with juice!)
1/4 c. of chopped cilantro
1 bag of chopped, washed kale
1 avocado
1 T lime juice
salt & pepper to taste

For the Kale
Place kale in a large stock pot.  Add 2 c. of water.  Cover and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat to low.  Cook for 15 min until tender.  Drain off liquid.

For the Avocado
Slice the avocado length-wise around the circumference.  Separate halves.  Scoop out flesh. Mash with a potato masher.  Combine with 1 T lime juice and salt/pepper to taste.  Set aside.

For the Black Bean Filling
Saute onion over medium/high heat for 2-3 minutes.  Add green peppers.  Continue cooking for 1 minute.  Add mushrooms and garlic.  Cook until juices come out of mushrooms.  Add cumin.  Combine well.  Add tomatoes and black beans.  Use a potato mashed to mash the beans creating a paste.  Continue to cook until the filling has thickened and some of the liquid has evaporated.  Add 1 t of salt.  Stir in cilantro. Remove from heat.

To assemble the burritos
Spread a layer of avocado on to taste on 1 whole wheat tortilla.  Add 1/2 c.  of kale.  Add 1/2 c. of bean filling.  All of these measurements are approximate.  I just build it to what will fit in the tortilla!  Fold as you would a burrito.  Top with salsa or eat as is.

My kids also like mashed sweet potatoes on their burritos in place of the avocado.  Enjoy!

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