Boulders and Pebbles, Creating Your Best Day Ever

Relaxed WomanWhen was your best day ever?

When was the last time you had an absolutely perfect day? One that you would call your best day ever? You know, one of those days where you wake up feeling like you have the world in your pocket and you are going to make a difference. You go through the day and doors seem to open. You are productive, clever, insightful and bursting with energy. I hope that time was today, but if you are like me, it was probably a while ago. Why are those days so few and far between? Why is it that most days you get up and you have a hard time finding something to wear, the members of the household are grumbling at each other, the laundry is piling up and so is traffic on the way to anywhere you need to go? It seems like most days life is a series of missteps and potholes. Why? What is the difference? What sets apart those once-in-awhile days, when everything goes like clockwork, from the rest of our days?

Stumbling blocksIs it a boulder or a pebble?

There are times when we are just in sync mentally, spiritually and physically. When we are feeling good physically, and we are connected spiritually, the details that we need to wrap our minds around are much easier to grasp. It’s so important that we take the time to get the right food and some exercise, to give ourselves the gift of time for reflection, and to really think deeply and meditate on those things that are the foundation of the journey. This balance is what give us the energy to tackle our challenges. When we are are balanced in this way, the things that are waiting to throw themselves in front of us just appear to be pebbles that we can kick out of the way as we go about our day. We have a purpose, and the tools that we need to carry it out.

When we are depleted those obstacles appear to be the size of boulders, and we can’t see over or around them. We are running on empty and don’t have the resources to bring those problems into perspective. When this happens, instead of letting the obstacle bring you to the verge of a panic attack, try to find strategies that help you to reset the balance that you need. Sometimes the best thing that you can do when you can’t see a way around a particular issue or problem is to walk away from it for a while. Have a well-balanced snack, take a walk, spend some time in prayer or make a list of all you are grateful for. Fill yourself with what is missing, then go back and look at the problem again. Many times that obstacle will look smaller and more manageable. Sometimes it’s another person that can help you see that the problem isn’t as big, complicated, or even what you thought it was at all.

Moving the boulder

It may be that the problem remains as complicated as you feared, and requires a lot of time effort and resources to overcome.  Taking time to rest, think and fortify yourself will give you the strength to find the tools, people, and information that you need to tackle it and keep going until you have it under control.

Whatever the situation, we can learn to be our own best advocate when it comes to staying in balance.

We can take good care of our bodies so that they can perform at an optimal level when we need the energy and strength to work hard physically. Give your body the fuel it needs. Protein, vitamins, and lots of water! Get regular exercise to build yourself up gradually. Get enough sleep, and give yourself some down-time to regenerate during the day.

Give your brain the fuel it needs too! Good food and rest, but also reading, playing games, puzzles, and good conversation. Don’t be satisfied with passive entertainment, letting your mental processes lose their edge. Keep your mind in shape with mental exercise as well.

And then be sure to take care of the inner part of you. The part that is innately human and totally unique. Give your soul time to reflect on what is really important.  Who you are, how you relate to other people and what it all means in the big picture. Looking at life through a spiritual lens can often put things into perspective in ways that are most rewarding.

Obstacles are always going to arise. If you are prepared to meet them, by physical, mental and spiritual fitness, those days that you feel at the top of your game are going to be more the rule than the exception. You can wake up more often with that feeling that you are about to have the best day ever, and kick those pebbles out of the way.

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