Beef, it’s what’s for dinner

Every year we buy a 1/4 of a cow. It is shared with others and we get just the cuts we want. I portion the meat to last the year eating about 1 beef meal a week. I’ve seen the cows that have come into our home. They are grass fed, well cared for and free of unnecessary antibiotics and hormones. The meat is much leaner than what you would find at the grocery store and much more flavorful.

I have had many comments to the effect of how could you go and see the poor animal you are going to eat?! I see this a different way. I try and honor my food enough to care that it is humanely treated. I know that the animals I eat have had good lives up to the point where they became my dinner. None were mistreated. None suffered. It isn’t as hard as you would think when you consider the alternative. Imagine that the meat you purchase at the store was raised and lived a good portion of it’s life sick and bloated from eating corn. A meal that it is not accustomed to eating. It lived wallowing in it’s own feces, knee deep. These animals are surrounded by bugs and disease and must be fed antibiotics for yours and their own safety. They are fed hormones so that they will grow more quickly and sometimes the effect is that their own bodies cannot hold the weight. Their limbs break under the weight of their own bodies. That is not humane and I would prefer not to eat an animal that has suffered in this way. I do not want to support this kind of farming.

If you want to continue to eat meat but do not want to support inhumane treatment of animals, consider purchasing your food from a local farm that you can see the animals, ask questions on what treatments they received and ask what types of diets they ingested. Sunny Hill Farm in Whiteford, MD has beef available for sale now. See below for their advertisement:

Sunny Hill Farm has their own farm raised beef for sale. 1/2’s & 1/4’s available in Oct, Nov. & Dec. Order now for the best tasting grass-fed beef with no hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Enjoy a wide variety of steaks, roasts, & lean ground beef. The price is $2.99/lb., USDA Inspected, vacuum sealed & picked up at the farm.(You can make payments until delivery, Sunny Hill also takes MasterCard & Visa)

Sunny Hill also has farm raised fresh turkeys for sale for Thanksgiving. Place orders now! Sunny Hill Website.

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