Ban On Soda

This article is thought provoking  New York city health department has banned the sale of soda and sugary drinks larger than 16 oz.  I ignored the comment about us being able to make our own choices and this being a restriction on our own abilities to make good choices.  Why?  Because as a society we are largely not making good food choices.

I think there is a growing population of people who are interested in food, it’s affect on our bodies and where it comes from.  But, many, many people are still in the dark.  Because the options are big, bigger and biggest for soda they forget that there ever was a small size and it is not even an option to order it.   I find it impossible to get my children a reasonably sized drink while out to  eat because even milk is served in 16 oz cups at some restaurants!  We usually go for splitting this between all three kids or opting for water instead.  2 c. of milk is a lot of milk for one child at a meal. Imagine if that were completely empty calories.

I am not morally in favor of more laws but it seems we as a society need a jump start on making better decisions and railing against the marketing industry that is hell bent on selling more of what is bad for us.

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