Arsenic in Apple Juice

Studies are showing that apple juice concentrate found in many foods is extremely high in arsenic.  Mostly, the problematic concentrate is from China but labeling makes it unclear where most juice concentrate is from.  Buying organic is apparently not a safe bet as some of the highest levels were found in organic juice.  Even small amounts of arsenic build up over time causing problems similar to lead poisoning especially in children.

I just threw out the juice that we have in the house that has apple juice concentrate.  The labels show it to be from either the US, Argentina or China.  I will be sending juice to school with my children so that they will have juice that I know is safe. 

Here are two studies you can refer to:

Note that even juices that are not specifically ‘apple juice’ could have apple juice concentrate as the sweetener and the same problem applies. 

PLEASE share this with your friends, especially those that have children.  Just another reason to buy local from locally grown sources when possible!

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