Recommended Provider Interview: Annabel Lusardi


Join me as we meet Annabel Lusardi and hear about how she helps others Take Control through coaching.

Annabel LusardiAnnabel Lusardi, what do you do?

I am a life coach with Next Page Life Coaching specializing in helping clients move through life’s transitions.  Whether you are a teenager wondering what life after high school looks like, an empty nester wondering how to reshape your life after your fledglings have flown, or a new retiree wondering how to fill all that free time, I can help you identify your core values and design a life that honors those values through developing a vision and a set of goals.  We will work together to develop concrete action steps to move forward into the life you long for.  Coaching takes place in person or over the phone and it may take the form of a short-term contract with a specific goal or it may develop into a long-term relationship.  Typically we start with a six or eight session package and then play it by ear after that.

How did you get into this profession?

After spending many years working in various leadership roles in both volunteer and paid positions, I noticed that I derived the greatest satisfaction when I was helping others move through transformation.  After working with a coach myself I realized that coaching was the perfect vocation for me at this stage of my life.  I went through comprehensive training with an International Coach Federation-accredited program and I am working towards certification as an ACC (Associate Certified Coach).  I am extremely excited to be embarking on this journey to facilitate transformation in others’ lives while deriving intense satisfaction in my own.

How does being organized help you work?

Because I work for myself, from my home, I have found I need to be organized with both time and space management.  I work most efficiently in a tidy workspace, so I keep my desk clear of clutter.  I have a shelving/filing system that minimizes the need for “piles” on or near my desk.  When I am preparing materials for workshops or seminars I use dedicated spiral notebooks, so all my material stays in one place.  For time management I have learned that, as much as I’d like to think I am a child of the modern age, I just cannot get used to electronic scheduling.  I have a small spiral weekly calendar and that’s where I keep track of every appointment for both work and family.  Since giving up on trying to use my phone for scheduling I have found I am far more relaxed and more organized with my time!

What do you do to help your clients Take Control of their life?

I believe that having “control” of one’s life is a highly personal perception.  Some people thrive on uncertainty and spontaneity while others crave order and planning, so what feels completely under control for some might feel like a runaway horse for others.  Coaching facilitates uncovering your deepest desires and helps develop steps to live the life you have always wanted.  Together we develop action steps to achieve your goals and through this process you learn how to control those aspects of your life that matter most to you.

Sappari Solutions is founded on 7 Core Values, which one speaks to you?Annabel Lusardi 2

Compassion is the one that speaks loudest to me.  I think if we all treated one another and ourselves with true compassion the world would be a much healthier place.  This is expressed through my work as I help clients understand their true motivation.  Once they are being compassionate with themselves it becomes easier to focus on the outside world.

Annabel Lusardi

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