A warm day

Wow! It feels like spring. There is still a ton of snow on the ground, in spite of the 60F day but we don’t get much sun around our house to melt it. The birds are singing and I can almost ignore the fact that the temperate is going to drop next week again. At least it won’t drop quite so low. I am really tired of the 10F days.

Our food journey has not been so intense as last year this time. Last year at this time I was driving around to the remaining hold outs of fresh, local food and hitting the organic grocery store on a weekly basis. Two things have changed. First of all, it seems more local folks have gotten on the food band wagon and so much of the fresh local stuff was gone by the end of 2010. Second, the grocery store is starting to carry more and more organic produce and packaged food.

Our meals at home have been simpler, mostly due to time restraint, so we are eating WAY less meat and aside from onions, potatoes and carrots 100% of our veggies and 75% of our fruits are from our own freezer store. It is nice to just go down to the basement and pick out something yummy to eat. I am still buying apples and oranges at the grocery. Mostly because the kids eat them with abandon.

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