10 Acts of Organization Month 7: Lori from Aberdeen

Our August 10 Acts of Organization Contest winner is Lori from Aberdeen!  Lori won two hours of organizing, working with professionals Karin Walker and Mary Ratzesberger.  This is our way of giving back to the community in honor of celebrating our 10th Anniversary.  Here is her story!

Lori, a military wife and mother, has quite a busy schedule.  Lori loves to save money when she can, so she is an avid coupon clipper.  She is also a firm believer in recycling and reusing.  In addition to working part time, Lori manages several rental properties.  The amount of paperwork that needs to be managed and maintained is very overwhelming to her.  Without organizing and filing systems in place, papers pile up fast and she finds it too difficult to handle on her own.

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Lori was very surprised when she heard that she won the two hours of organizing, and very happy. Dealing with paperwork is exhausting to her, because it requires making so many decisions.  She was very excited to have professionals come in and assist with the task.

During the appointment, Karin and Mary sorted papers by category.  They filed many papers by month (per Lori’s request).  They also grouped together all the coupons Lori was saving.  It would be difficult to sort through all of her numerous coupons every time she goes to a store! Lori owned a coupon file folder, but used it as a catchall. The organizers labelled the tabs alphabetically. Since all the coupons have been sorted into their proper sections and the expired coupons have been weeded out, Nancy can now take her coupon folder with her to stores, and find the coupon she needs immediately.

Karin and Mary also gave Nancy advice on how to set up systems that would help her maintain the various papers that come in on a daily basis. They also gave her some tips on letting go of the things that she does not need to hold onto.

Nancy said she decided she needed organizing help because she was so frustrated with the lack of systems she had for dealing with her paperwork.  She said having professionals assist her in this task was very helpful.  “Doing this myself gets too exhausting and I just give up.  What we did in two hours would have taken me days. Having help makes it easier; it gets done faster and makes the process less painful.”

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