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Self Study Guide

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  Is clutter controlling you?  Empower yourself to take control!  FREE Organizing Guide What you will receive: 3 Part Workbook Working from our highly rated workshop, “Organize Your Life” this workbook was created to guide you through the organizing process at home. Resources for Letting Go of Your Clutter Sometimes it is as simple as […]

We can help you!


Do you have a nagging project that you would like to complete? For only $175 you will receive an on-site, in-person organizing consult lasting 1 hour and with it a complimentary 2 hours of hands-on organizing time are included. go from cluttered… …to Organized!   $175 Initial Consultation Consultation plus 2 hour free organizing session […]

Live Simply

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Simple Living is a way to live more consciously: to be aware of your environmental impact, to be mindful of how you, your things and your activities impact your home and community.  By living more simply you will find greater health, happiness, energy and a reduction in stress, excess and financial burden. Join us monthly […]

Learn with Sappari


Sappari offers a full range of classes, training and speaking to serve your needs or those of your organization. Check out our list of upcoming events to see what we are currently offering here: Events Or, visit our services page to find out more about having a professional organizer speak to your group: Speaking & […]