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    Simple Living Discussion Group


    Are you overwhelmed but want to TAKE CONTROL?    

    You’ve read the books, blog posts, web sites. You KNOW what you need to do but putting those skills to action, being consistent… it just gets tricky. You could use the support, accountability and inspiration that comes with working together.

    You’ll be more successful working together

    Come to a one-hour, monthly discussion group where we will converse on all things simple living, organizing and clutter.  This guided discussion will include goal setting, accountability, and topics ranging from what is simple living to why we hold on and challenges faced when you attempt to pare down.

    Whether you are tackling the kitchen to prepare dinner, a photo mess, setting up a home filing system,
    clearing out the junk room, dealing with the mental clutter that comes with
    physical clutter. . . Class time will be spent discussing various organization
    problems, analyzing solutions, developing action plans, practicing
    techniques and learning about Simple Living.

    Click Here for a full schedule of upcoming topics.